Learning the art of acceptance and the toll of intergenerational trauma.
One of my biggest heroes mentions my work on her show.
A debate between two highly sophisticated thinkers - an atheist and a Christian - continues on this platform.
Live Podcast Tomorrow: Institutionalizing Psychedelic Therapy with Carson KivariHello everyone, Tomorrow at 3pm PST, I will be talking to Carson Kivari - director of psychedelic integration clinic Thrive Downtown. It’s one o…
Sharp insights from psychonaut Julia Blum into the occasionally imperfect and messy process of psychedelic healing. A must-read.
Renowned atheist commentator Alice Greczyn responds to last week's guest essay by Christian writer Rob Bogunovic.
Live podcast tomorrow: Dr. David Clarke (11 am PST/2 pm EST)Hi everyone, Tomorrow I will be hosting a live podcast with Dr. David Clarke — a distinguished physician specializing in psychosomatic chronic p…
Crucifying my hero today. Sorry, Sam.
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Noble Truths with Rav Arora